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My Son is an Indian Hindu temple complex constructed by the Champa community. The united kingdom of Champa was known as an independent country which existed continuously through many periods of time, from to under different names such as Lam Ap , Hoan Vuong , Chiem Thanh and Panduranga — Champa During the 4th to 13th centuries, this unique sanctuary owed its spiritual origins to the Hinduism of the Indian sub-continent.

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Under this influence, many temples were constructed to dedicate to the Hindu deities such as Krishna and Vishnu, but above all to Shiva. The next kings also rebuilt these temples in wood, then bricks no mortar and finally in limestone. The majority of structures remaining nowadays at My Son are brick. Along with the ruin of these kingdoms, My Son Sanctuary remained neglected for centuries. It was until the French man named M. C Paris rediscovered this complex in that discovering the history of Champa kingdom became a concern for French archaeologists.

The pioneers were Louis Finot and Launet de Lajonquere, and then Henri Parmentier who made a great contribution to studying and documenting the site as it existed at that time. The document of the French scholars played a specially important role after the outbreak of the Second Indochina War.

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In August of , US B aircraft carpet-bombed extensively for a week as this region was the place where the communist Viet Cong took shelter. As a result, only 18 out of 70 structures remain. Nowadays the government has taken effort in preservation and restoration of this temple complexes.

For instance, they use materials that are similar as possible as those used by the original Champa architects to replace for damaging sections. However, we can obviously distinguish from the original sections as modern bricks are cleaner and have the different color. What makes My Son Sanctuary mysterious? Through observing this archeological site, you will find it not difficult to realize the longest continuous occupation for religious purposes, not only of the Cham kingdom but also within Southeast Asia as a whole.

My Son is a place to construct temples, perform rituals and worship Champa reigns. It is also the place to commemorate victories and great conquests of tribes and a tool to help reigns contact gods and saints. My Son is unique with its designs influenced by Indian style. The temple complexes at My Son Sanctuary include 3 parts: a solid tower base which expresses the word of human beings, the tower body representing the mysterious and sacred word of spirit, and the top tower representing communication manner with daily-life symbols such as flowers, leaves, animals and so on. The temple complexes are divided into 4 sectors: A, B, C, and D.

To save time and get much experience, tourists can choose a tour with more than one destinations and it is also the common way to visit My Son. Tours are available from Da Nang, and others parts of Vietnam. Central Vietnam tour is one of the most sought after tours in Vietnam and is very popular among international travelers.

You can either plan a short tour in Central Vietnam including all these places or combine the same with Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh for a week long trip.

You can see some tours recommended below:. Taxi is likely the fastest and the most convenient transportation to travel from Da Nang to My Son Sanctuary, but this choice takes us a quite high price. Here are some taxi companies that you can refer if you want to do the trip all by yourself:.

However, you need to be quite patient because it takes time to wait for a bus. You can catch a bus number 06 to travel from Da Nang to My Son according to the specific route below:.

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This way is the popular one that most young people choose when visiting My Son Sanctuary. This option is convenient because you can follow, observe or stop whenever and wherever you want. However, you need to make sure that you have a good health condition and good preparation before departing.

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There are two main ways leading to My Son Sanctuary:. Choice 1: From National Highway 1, you move towards the south of Nam Phuoc town about 39 kilometers , then turn towards the West of the road to Tra Kieu. Well, sit down inside Well, sit down inside and rest while I see to your horse. Hitched to the gate, I suppose? For the other I'm not going to obey. I'll go with View Product. Hidden Secrets.

Just when Kasandra and Kenneth think they understand the world they live in, an unexpected Just when Kasandra and Kenneth think they understand the world they live in, an unexpected find changes everything. Though everyone in the Blood Family Coven had accepted long ago that the mysterious sisters, Shakira and Savannah, would forever hold their Our Little Secrets.

She thought she could escape to the West and start a new life People are hunting People are hunting Charlotte Baldwin, missing heiress--but no one is looking for Charlie West, bride of humble frontier shopkeeper Michael West. Marrying him was the cover Charlotte needed Don't Retire: 7 Secrets of Highly Successful.

Retirement should be the most exciting, rewarding time of your life. Unfortunately, although people are Unfortunately, although people are retiring younger, healthier, wealthier, and better educated, some find themselves unable to cope with the additional leisure time and quickly become bored, restless, and without The main ingredients include girdle cake and carefully-chosen pork.

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Pork is sliced thinly and then boiled just to ripen to maintain the sweet taste. This dish goes with fresh herbs such as basil, onion, banana blossom, bean sprouts, and many other green herbs. The key thing we can not miss is a fish sauce. The sauce is prepared according to the secret of each store to make a special taste attracting enjoyers. Cao Lau is the name of noodle, which is considered as a specialty in Hoi An.

The outstanding feature of this dish comes from noodles elaborately processed. Firstly, to create cispy, dry and glutinous noodles, fragrant rice has to be soaked in ash water, but it must be the wood ash collected at Cu Lao, the island 16 kilometers away from Hoi An. Then, rice will be filtered carefully and ground into powder. Next, continue to use the cloth to press the grinded rice several times until they are dry.

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Then roll powder into pieces, cut into strips, steamed and let it dry to make noodles. People often eat this dish with bean sprouts and fresh vegetables, add some slices of Xa Xiu meat and a tablespoon of lard. When enjoying this specialty, Cao Lau brings us a special feeling of sour, spicy, bitter, sweet taste of raw vegetables, flavor of sauce, and shredded fat all seem to be melting in the mouth.

Banh Trang Dap dumpling girdle cake are not only popular but also cheap that the locals prepare and love. Simply, this dish is a thin girdle cake covered with a thin layer of noodles with peanut oil and onion then compressed. Are you curious about the name of this cake? It is just because before eating this cake, we have to use our hands to beat on rolled cake and noodles.

The part of the baked cake will break and stick to wet noodles.

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We will dip it into the sauce and enjoy the crunchy and glutinous taste. You should walk only through the marked path, and do not detour into the lush forest by yourself as there is still a de-mining process going on in the area of My Son.

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