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That's My Desire Lyrics: To spend one night with you / In our old rendezvous / And reminisce with you / That's my desire / To meet where gypsies play / Down in .
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Reading Andrea Long Chu feels a bit like being on the fault line of an earthquake—the ground is undeniably shifting. Gender in this conception is defined not only by the self, but also by the other—it is the expression of what someone else wants. What do you think about that essay now and how has your life changed after publishing it? It really changed my entire life.

Honestly it changed my life as much as transition did probably. I had been on Twitter doing just some jokes basically for like people, very, very small.

Balancing a full-time job and passion project

And then in the course of a day there was suddenly all of this attention. Then within weeks of that, I was getting messages from agents and editors at major presses. I had not written it intending to break into the business or anything. I was a grad student. I thought the piece was maybe a little too niche and theoretical, but there was this enormous response. The personal essay is itself sort of a problem when it comes to transition narratives.

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The genre conventions of that form forced you as a trans person to be writing a certain kind of coming-out narrative. It felt like just choosing to do something else. It was just like walking from one room in your house to a different one, or maybe like moving into a new apartment. Now I get emails from people saying that they transitioned because of the essay. How do you feel this book fits into your evolution of thinking about the subject of desire?

That's My Desire

In Females, the metaphor for desire shifts to self-abnegation or submission. My desire originates outside of me. It is external and I am the recipient. Right, which I do on behalf of the world or on behalf of another. I want you to pick the one that you like, and then I want for me to like it. I want to know this is what you want, so that I can do what you want.

Which is different than just coercion. It is genuine. Think about these Christian mommy bloggers who talk about genuinely serving their husbands.

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Balancing a full-time job and passion project

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