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Nothing Else I Need Lyrics: When I think of all I've seen / Nothing compares to what You give / And to drink of what You bring / You quench the thirst for me to live.
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You sure you don't need nothing else? I really don't need nothing else. Suggest an example. You don't need to know nothing else. Because a true fighter needs nothing else. When I look at you I need nothing else. I don't need nothing from y'all.

Don't need nothing but her ounce of snuff. I don't need nothing from you.

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I need you and nothing else will do. I don't even would need to hear nothing else.

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I really did. The premise is really strong I tore through the opening chapters in a ravenous frenzy. After each turned page, I grew less and less enthralled with the story telling. The scansion feels unnecessarily bloated with runaway similes.

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The comparative nature of the prose begins to wear down the reader. I feel like it could've had another pass with a blue pencil. The strong plot is blurred by the attempt at literary fireworks. This is one reader's opinion. I understand the monumental effort required to create a work of fiction.

I admire the author. I kept feeling its engines revving. I was ready for it to take off, willing to let it throw me into the G's and send wherever it was going. The wheels spin on this book Randy and Ray live in the type of squalor that makes the reader feel increasingly filthy with every turn of the page.

A life of endless humiliation, further tainted by drug addiction, less than minimum wage employment, and constant self loathing finds the brothers ready to gamble on a change. Stabco offers the prospect of a lucrative career by selling knives, door to door. Rightfully suspicious that any type of good luck could be bestowed upon them, Randy and Ray are both prone to bouts of rage and violence over the smallest of disagreements.

Sidetracked by a plethora of temptations that are wont to make men monsters; fame, women, and alcohol all play a hand in the toxic relationship that features both men performing the role of instigator. The level of suspense is nothing short of maddening as the glory within their reach seems to be entangled in an all or nothing scenario that could easily land them back at square one. The dialogue is all consuming, yet he always finds a way to vividly describe the scenery, whether it be the stomping grounds of a prostitute or the mansion of a corporate deity.

This is a must read.

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I received a copy of this book for review purposes. This is in no way reflected in my opinion of this anthology. I did not receive any form of compensation for my review. Stabco is a glimpse at the lives of Randy and Raymond, brothers who couldn't catch a break if it fell into their lap. This book is full of dark humor and has a gritty feel that I loved. Randy and Raymond are the perfect anti-heroes, uneducated, broke and definitely not PC, but still very likeable in spite of themselves.

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