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Frederick, Prince of Wales, KG was heir apparent to the British throne from until his death Prince Frederick Lewis was born on 1 February in Hanover, Holy even as a small child, as the representative of the House of Hanover, and was used to presiding over official occasions in the absence of his parents.
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Although he and his family lived in central London at Carlton House, and later Leicester House, he viewed his land at Kew as a kind of retreat and spent a good deal of time there. He began the exotic planting of the grounds, the nucleus of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew.

Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales & family

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Quick Links. Frederick was Prince of Wales for over 22 years, and is best remembered for failing ever to make it to the throne, but he proved influential as well as controversial during his tenure. History has not been kind to Prince Frederick.

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He is best known if known at all by a couple of examples of wretched doggerel. The truth of the matter is, of course, rather less clear-cut than the ditty suggests.

Frederick, Prince of Wales ( 1707-1751)

At the time of the Hanoverian Accession , a decision had been made to leave Frederick behind in Hanover, when his grandfather, George I, father and mother, Prince George and Princess Caroline, and other members of the family made the journey to England. This is not to say that the people in England had no conception about the young prince. Numerous English courtiers visited Hanover, especially on the occasions when George I travelled back to oversee affairs in person, where they had an opportunity to meet and assess the heir but one to the throne of England.

Comments were usually, perhaps unsurprisingly, positive. He was thought to have a particular gift for informality, alongside of a keen intelligence and good memory for those he met. Quite why she adopted this aversion is the subject of debate — as is the true extent of her dislike.

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Many of her more spiteful pronouncements were recorded by John Hervey, Lord Hervey , who had his own axe to grind, but it seems reasonable to conclude that the princess found her eldest son difficult and that experience of his activities once he came to England compounded her initial concerns about his character. Historians too have tended to be wary of Frederick. At best he has been considered something of a lightweight — a man led by stronger personalities.

Such assessments, however, tend to overlook the real achievements of Prince Frederick and his associates. It was not until the winter of — aged 21 — that Frederick was finally brought to England.

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Frustrated by the limitations of his predicament, Frederick looked for other ways to fill his time. It is only to be expected that Frederick might have proved a rallying point for those out of favour at court, but in his years as Prince of Wales he was able to do much more than that. In spite of being born and raised between the royal palace in Hanover and the retreat at Herrenhausen, Frederick was able to reinvent himself as a British prince in a way that George II was never able to do.

He took as his inspiration King Arthur and mediaeval heroes such as Edward the Black Prince and Henry V, and established a vibrant alternative court based ultimately at Leicester House on the edge of modern day Leicester Square. Perhaps most significant of all, he wielded his patronage as Prince of Wales to establish a meaningful bloc in both houses of Parliament. The most likely culprit was a cricket injury, which ultimately led to his death from a ruptured abscess, though his autopsy revealed a number of other health issues as well.

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